Drupal Module for LETS and community currencies

Since I last looked for software that can manage a Local Exchange Trading System or community currency, the range of offerings seems to have improved greatly. Of particular interest to me, being an avid fan of Drupal, is the following module for Drupal:

Living Economy

An all-embracing and flexible package which includes a mutual credit engine, transaction forms and displays, including several views and blocks. It can be used as a digital back end for paper money projects, or to run an entire LETS or Timebank. With a little tweaking, it can manage currencies conforming to a wide range of designs.

If you’ve looked at Cyclos and CES, then this module will do most of the work of either of those.


I haven’t checked it out yet but it looks very promising and has a comprehensive list of features. I’ll post an update when I’ve tested it out 🙂

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